A couple of reasons Dental Journey is less costly

Ever wondered why dental treatments, and often other medical treatments, cost less in certain countries? Somehow you assumed that this must be linked to inferior quality? The reasons are in fact simpler than you may expect: labor costs for skilled help, as well as fixed costs such as rent, taxes, etc are much less, therefore it has certainly nothing to do with low quality. Overall a clinic has minimum expenses, especially if it’s in Ploiesti, not Bucharest, the capital city, and, in addition to that, it has been granted EU funds for investing in the highest technology and equipments. For these reasons, we can afford to keep the costs low and the quality high, using the same exact brand name materials that dentists use in your country and we are in the position to pass those savings on to our patients.

The business and pleasure of teeth - Prices for three selected dental procedures (in Euros, *starting from)

Procedure UK Netherlands Italy Hungary Dental Journey
Ceramic Crown 520 585 400 360 320
Tooth Implant 1300 1600 1100 800 635
Ceramic Veneers 430 550 400 330 290

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