Best quality/price promise

  • EU funded clinic: more than EUR 150,000 in grants from the European Union, which helped us offer treatment services, solutions and conditions similar to those of Western clinics. The funds were invested especially in state of the art equipment and technology, and most importantly its amortization is not reflected in the cost of the treatment plan;
  • A high-end, state of the art facility with all of the best dental equipment and materials available: along with the equipments, we make it our primary concern to carefully select materials, which offer you the very best quality/cost price report. 
  • Focus on education and individual: before engaging on the best treatment plan for you, we make sure we deliver the solution each and every patient is looking for. We strive to assist our patients in assimilating the highest knowledge on oral health, according to their specific needs.
  • Best materials efficiently delivered: our clinic has a privileged relationship with one of the best laboratories in Romania. This means that any crowns, veneers, bridges and implants our patients may need are ready much faster than anywhere else and allows us to maintain very strict quality control.
  • Money-back guarantee: in case you are not satisfied with the solution offered, we guarantee you the return of the full paid amount for the treatment plan.

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