About dental tourism

Dental tourism or dental vacations is when individuals receive dental care outside their local region. Often it involves people travelling from developed countries to developing countries nearby. Although dental tourism is not a new phenomenon, it has increased its attractiveness due to the possibility of saving money on dental expenses with the chance of having a holiday at the same time. Scheduling a dental implant or tooth veneers on vacation might seem odd, but more and more Europeans are making appointments with dentists abroad, in order to receive the high-quality care they cannot afford back home.

The main reasons for choosing dental tourism keep coming back to the same thing, COST! People feel that they can get their dental treatment completed at a much lower cost with the added benefit of a holiday and still not pay as much as they would at their local dentist.

In the case of Dental Journey, our patients come to us for great rates on the dental treatment they require. They’re getting that care from some of the best dentists that have all the accreditations, and while they’re healing, they’re enjoying a short holiday in vibrant and always surprising Romania.

We believe it’s a win-win situation for any person who is in need of extensive dental work. It only natural to have a lot of concerns about dental tourism, and we can definitely understand that. We would alse be concerned if we were considering travelling to a country we’ve never been to before or hardly know to have a medical procedure done. We are trying to address through this section of the website and by all other available means, some of most common concerns we’ve heard from our patients. Don’t hesitate to call or write to us with any questions or concerns you may have. We’re happy to assist with anything you may need!

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