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A dental implant is the perfect solution to replace a missing tooth, which rebuilds the root and also the crown portion. A dental implant is similar to the natural tooth, as its forces developed during mastication will be transferred to the bone, keeping both its activity and its physiological volume.

In case there is an insufficient bone quantity or if the bone is qualitatively low, the preparation for a dental implant may need bone grafts or bone augmentation.

The implants fall perfectly in harmony with the dental arcades, imitating the natural tooth both functionally and morphologically. It is directly inserted in the bone, the risk to be torn apart is minimum, and mastication is made under optimum conditions.

The advantages of the dental implant are superior to those of classical prosthesis construction:

  • it conveys forces directly to the bone;
  • the neighbor teeth are unspoiled (no need for devitalization, polishing and covering with other crowns);
  • the aesthetic aspect imitates much closer to reality the natural aspect of the tooth;
  • the implant longevity is superior to a dental bridge.

The dental implant is made of pure titanium and has the shape of a screw. Primary retention is mechanical by threading, the bone subsequently growing into threads, during the curing period. It creates an artificial root in the maxillary, where the natural tooth is missing from, therefore, removing the need to sacrifice neighboring teeth.

The dental implant treatment is considered after a detailed clinical examination, followed by a tomography examination granting benchmarks on the size and density of the bone accompanied as well by blood tests, which give indications on the general health condition of the body.

We can perform several types of works on the dental implant: removable, cemented or screwed on the implant.

This treatment involves several components, such as the implant, the prosthetic abutment and the crown or dental construction.

Dental constructions on implants assure a balanced integration with artificial teeth in the maxillary dynamics, by modern techniques and materials, biocompatible and aesthetic.


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