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Missing teeth? A dental implant is the suitable treatment!

The aesthetics related problems of the denture are reflected in your lifestyle! The lack of one single tooth leads to major changes in your food intake, by incorrect mastication and by avoiding certain food products, too harsh, too cold or too hot. Additionally, social life and self confidence are harmfully influenced, as losing teeth is one of the causes you avoid speaking, smiling, socializing.

It is too early to let dental problems affect you, in your 40s! Actually, they should be treated as well as any other health issue, at any age.

There are proper solutions, to remedy a missing tooth or missing teeth, depending on your health condition. The most effective treatment will be dental implant.

Experience in the dentistry field proved that a dental implant may be used even after 40 years, with excellent results. The high degree of success for this intervention is one of the most important arguments you should take into account.

Besides the safety of a high success treatment, dental implants offer:

  • A special aesthetic aspect.
  • The possibility to protect natural teeth that are not affected and the bone.
  • Comfort in mastication, in speaking.
  • Guarantee of a durable solution.
  • Healthy and bright smile.
  • Dental implants are used as support for replacing one tooth or an entire arcade.


In case of one single missing tooth, the dental implant is ideal. It helps the reconstruction of your denture, in a natural way, by implanting an artificial root made of titanium in the empty space. Subsequently, after the root was fastened, the reconstructed tooth will behave like a natural tooth both related to aspect, and to its functionality. More, the insertion of the implant does not degrade the teeth neighbouring the construction.

In case of more missing teeth or of a missing arcade, the implant is an effective solution to mount dentures. Unlike dentures, which do not benefit from the same clasp, those supported and held by implants are much more comfortable and offer better stability. A denture, which does neither slide, nor move, means an increased comfort, improved diction, mastication and aesthetic aspect.

You need to be aware that your life may considerably change when you stop thinking that dental issues are minor worries and they can be ignored. There are medical solutions for any type of affliction! Find out from our specialized dentists at Dental Journey, Cosmetic Dentistry and Dental Clinic, what is the most suitable treatment for your!

Make an online appointment, and you will get a free of charge consultation and treatment plan in order to remedy your dental health problems, which affect your lifestyle!


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