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Dental veneers are cosmetic devices, related to dental aesthetics, which are applied on the visible side of the front teeth in order to considerably improve dental aesthetics.

Generally speaking, patients facing problems at the level of these teeth, such as chipped teeth or stained teeth which cannot reach the natural colour through whitening, may resort to the solution of veneers. The tooth gap can also be corrected by placing veneers.

Dental veneers can be placed only after all other possible affections have been solved. Dental veneers are not an option in the presence of the periodontal disease or when gums are inflamed. At the same time, dental veneers may be applied only after the teeth have been straightened. Practically, dental veneers represent the latest cosmetics technique of the smile, after completing previous treatment of dental issues. Before having a beautiful denture, it needs to be healthy.

Although veneers are cemented with special adhesive cement and there is no risk for it to fall or break, being a long-term solution, after the intervention, patients need to pay attention to the food they choose. They should try to avoid tough food products and to protect as much as possible their veneers. They are very thin, made of a ceramic material between 0.3 - 0.5 mm, therefore it’s important for the patients to take care in order to keep them in the best shape.

A full set of veneers is the very best method to have a white and bright smile similar to Hollywood stars. The cost of veneers may be high, but the results guarantee a lifetime dream smile. When considering dentistry abroad, checkout Dental Journey’s offer to complete your 5 star smile! 


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