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Attend to Impacted Wisdom Teeth Before Complications Occur

Wisdom teeth, the last teeth in the mouth to break through the gums and located furthest back in the mouth, generally start to form in pre-teen years (the third molars usually grow between the ages of 15 and 21). By late teen years, these teeth will start to erupt into the oral cavity… if there is room.

As a general rule, our mouths do not have sufficient space for these teeth, prompting either full impaction (where the tooth never entirely erupts into the mouth), or partial impaction (where the tooth only has room to partially break through the gums). This usually means that the teeth are painfully lodged in the jawbone. As a result, they may grow curved (and into adjacent teeth) or only be able to break through the gum partially.

When wisdom teeth are either partially or completely impacted, complications can occur, such as damage to adjacent teeth, gum disease, tooth disease, and cyst development. Here and there, however, no manifestations are present.

Neglecting your impacted wisdom teeth may cause more than agonizing pain or infections, but it can also cause issues with nearby teeth and lead to serious dental problems. Consult your dentist and consider your treatment options at the first sign of trouble.


7 Warning Signs of Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Red or swollen gums

Tender or bleeding gums

Discomfort in your jaw

Inflammation around the jaw

Bad breath

An unpleasant taste in your mouth

Trouble opening your mouth


Sometimes, the impacted wisdom teeth may not show any or all of the above symptoms. However, keeping them clean can be difficult as they are so far behind. If they appear to cause complications, your dentist might recommend their removal.

  • Cysts: Some wisdom teeth may form cysts, which can damage the jawbone, nerves and nearby teeth. Under those circumstances, immediate removal is required.
  • Harm to nearby teeth: When wisdom teeth push into nearby teeth, there is a risk of infection and damage. Crowding and improper alignment of adjacent teeth will lead to orthodontic treatments.

At Dental Journey, our patients benefit from individual care and high quality dental treatments. Irrespective of the treatment you may need, be it wisdom teeth removal or complete smile makeover, our friendly team of specialists is dedicated to providing the finest patient experience. Working with up-to-date technology, successful treatments and devoted staff have led to pleased, healthy and happy patients.

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